September 20, 2013

Are you ready for a healthier lifestyle??

Well, are you? I know my family has benefited the change that we've made to be healthier this year. Couple habits that my husband and I have to work on still, but for the most part we've slowly changed over to a healthier lifestyle. Our family has switched some things in our household and have not had a 'cold' since May. Now, I'm not saying we'll never get sick or you'll never get sick, sickness happens no matter how careful you are..but our health has improved. We're not consistently getting the sniffles (except for my 

Some family members have noticed how the natural products have benefited my body, specifically my teeth and gums look better (using natural toothpaste, well tooth polish as the provider calls it). Yes, Health has a cost, but so does being unhealthy. I know having doctor bills, after doctor bills are not any cheaper than just making the healthier decisions. Our family has learned this this year. I don't wanna hear excuses, about how you can't afford it either. I believe every average american can afford a gym membership and natural products, just what do you chose? What do we sacrifice in order to afford the healthier lifestyle? Cable. I know Cable can be close to $100 to $200 a month for some people. That right there is your gym membership and a way to afford natural products. (Oh and btw, our family lives off of one income currently (know any work-at-home job opportunities?? Send those my way as well!!), and we're able to do, so if we can, so can you!!) :)

No, that doesn't mean I don't ever get watch the latest tv shows even on nights that I can't. We just chose the cheaper way about it. Every tv show provider has their own website where most will show the full episodes of the show on there. There are a couple other sites I go to as well that post back ones. Our family chooses netflix, which is 10x cheaper than cable. lol. That's just an example on how you can afford a more natural lifestyle. Our family is working on healthier food and drink choices as well. We're not perfect, but we're working on it. All our cleaning products (they clean just as well as the store stuff. I use the stuff daily, plus it last like 2x longer), laundry products, dishwashing products, dental, etc have switched to natural. 

The beautiful thing about where we get our natural products from is that they basically PAY you to use their products! When you sign up and refer someone else and they order off you, you really do get a check (we've gotten them)! So once you try the products out for yourself, like our family did for a few months to test it out, and you love it? You can market it and basically get your products for free (or cheaper) depending on how many people you get to sign up under you! How cool is that?!? If you're ready to take the healthier lifestyle plunge, and are interested to know more about these products, please email me at purplestarrynight at gmail dot com (the the subject title : NATURAL PRODUCTS) 

September 4, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten!

My baby started kindergarten (K5) on this past tuesday. He's been doing awesome so far. So proud! :)