February 17, 2015

Back to Blogging

Yep, back at it! Right now I'm just watching 19 Kids and Counting (well now the new little family that premièred tonight after the duggars). Been watching on it and off kind of all day and now it's at the current episode. :)
So glad to have cable again! I missed TLC and HGTV. I re-arranged the master bedroom today. Tried to make it easier with Mark's music equipment all over. Almost done! Just gotta finish picking up and rearranging the book shelf and the top part of our closet to finish moving things around and make due with the space that we have in this 2 bedroom apartment. 
Happy Housewives is starting a book club and is reading Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine. Just purchased the kindle version of it today and need to read the first chapter by friday. :)
Tomorrow it's suppose to be like -20 degrees! Yuck! At least we're not buried in snow like the east coast is though! Just dealing with the bitter cold weather. Oh well. Mark and Samuel went to the Gym and Samuel wanted to swim in the pool there so that's where they are at. I'm gonna go on Thursday. Well hope you all had a lovely Tuesday!