November 30, 2013

To-Do List [.:November 30th, 2013:.]

Today's to-do list

- Dishes --> done
- Clean kitchen counters --> done
- pick up floors --> done
- partylite party at 3! :) --> done and had fun! Glad we moved to an area where we can entertain a little more often now!!

after I have to look at my sunday school book to get ready for nursing home on sunday and hopefully get a couple loads of wash done? We'll see. --> Got the wash done, still need to work on the sunday school. Been distracted. Watched Olympus Has Fallen on netflix with Mark while Sammy went with Cassie & Kim to see his Great-Grandma Toni. Mark fell asleep now and i've been lookin at snow pants for Samuel.

November 29, 2013

To-Do List [.:November 29th, 2013:.]

Today's To-do List

- Dishes <-- done
- Make Turkey (we're having our thanksgiving this weekend, well today, since yesterday we had ours at the church and my mother's). <--almost done.
- Make Green Bean Casserole <-- done
- Heat up Pumpkin Pie <-- will do a little bit before we eat
- pick up bathroom floor <-- done
- make beds <-- ours is done, Sammy is delaying the cleaning of his room at the moment by napping.. o.O
- misc pick-up around the place.<-- pretty much done.

time started; 9:30am
time updated ; 1:32pm

In photo L to R: Me, my sister, my brother, and my husband. 

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!! :)

November 27, 2013

To-do LIst [.:November 27, 2013:.]

Today's To-do list

- make pumpkin pie <-- done
- mop the kitchen floor
- dishes
- Samuel will pick up his toys and organize his room in a little bit here.

Bible study in the evening. Mark and I will prep the turkey later tonight too.

November 26, 2013

To-do List [.:November 25th, 2013:.]

Today's To-Do list

- Vacuum living room <-- done
- Put away the rest of Samuel's clean clothes
- Tidy up Samuel's room
- Clean the wood off the living room end table <-- done
- Organize entertainment center
- Do some of my english homework
- Dishes <-- done
- Sweep & Mop Kitchen Floor <-- swept, but still need to mop.
- Clean Bathroom Tub <-- done
- Clean the toilet <-- done
- Clean the bathroom sink

November 21, 2013

To-Do LIst [.:November 21st, 2013:.]

I'm going to start posting to-do lists every day. I'll spiffy it up as I go along with it. 

- dishes <-- done
- organize hallway closet <-- not even started..Totally avoiding this project..I know. I'll get her done by the end of the night if ending. I'm speakin it..haha. 
- clear off kitchen table <--halfway done, sorting through coupons. The rest of it will be done when my son gets home from school cause the rest of his papers are his homework he needs to get done by tomorrow. 
- sweep & mop kitchen floor <-- done
- vacuum living room <-- done
- make taco salad (dinner) <-- I'll start this in a couple hours. 
- make beds <-- I've got Samuel's done, but not ours yet. 
- clean tub <--done
(I cleaned out the toliet too since it needed a scrub down)

Time started: 10:30am
Time update: 12:10pm. 

Taking a break for a little bit right now. I'll finish sorting the coupons, move everything temporairly off the kitchen table and spray that down quick too. Then I might read my clockwork prince by cassandra clare book some more. :)

I do have to pick my son up from school at about 3:15pm.