September 1, 2012

August Julep Boho Box!

This is my second julep box and over all I'm pretty happy with this subscription company. I love how you can get your first box for a $.01 and then have the option to skip a month yet still be on their list if you can't do it one month. I wish I would've been able to do September!! Hopefully October!  Use this link --> Julep  <-- if you are interested in signing up! I believe their code word is still PENNY. 

Someone on youtube made a suggestion with the nail polish remover holder that you got in the box. Once you use theirs you can always replace yours that you normally buy back in that thing so that you consistently are re-using it! Also it locks! When you twist it one way, it keeps the remover from spilling and then twist it the opposite way when you hear the click noise, it will keep the remover inside and won't make a mess! <3 that thing! I don't have to tip it forward at all to get the remover out! 

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