October 31, 2014

Friday To-Do's

Boy, I know it's been a while since I last made a blog post, sorry! Life has been changing and getting busy and there's been some adjustments. I need the accountability of what I use to do and writing my to-do's as detailed as possible out. That way I get it done better. I have off of work today, so things I need to get done are

- Two loads of dishes ~ did one
- Mop & Sweep kitchen floor
- Clean out bathroom toilet & sink area ~ Samuel cleaned out the sink area
- Wipe down mirrors
- Read chapter 6 and do workbook for Made To Crave before study tonight at 7pm.
- Put away Samuel's clean clothes are still in the bag
- Exercise for 15 minutes (need to work back up to an hour, it's been months).
- Pick Mom up from work as soon as Mark gets home! ~ apparently from my brother calling a little while ago needing a ride, I don't need to do that anymore, but my brother may need a ride. We'll see who gets home first. Mom or Mark. lol.