December 31, 2013

Countdown to 2014!!

I'm excited for this new year. 

Only thing I will be doing as a "to-do" list today is laundry at my mom's in a little bit before we go to the church and prepare for our new years eve countdown!! I need to wash some of my clothes so I can wear some of it. 

December 30, 2013

Plans for the week 12/30/13 to 1/5/14

Monday ; Later tonight we'll be going out to a movie with a gift card that hubby bought for me for christmas. We'll be seeing Catching Fire. (Yay!)

Tuesday ; I'll be going to my mom's to do some wash a little bit during the day and then later in the evening we'll be at church for our new years eve countdown!!

Wednesday ; The plan is we'll be having our last christmas gathering at my in-laws..cause Cassie and Nick are suppose to be back by here. Idk...we'll see where that goes. Definitely will be working on the past homework with Samuel that I couldn't help him with the week I was really sick before his break.

Thursday ; Samuel goes back to school, Mark goes back to work, and I get the place to myself again! lol. I'll probably clean and read some of my new book I got over christmas.

Friday ; Worship service in the evening.

Saturday ; Idk what the plan is. We'll see how much money we have on friday.

Sunday ; Church and then our pastor got asked to kick off a service for another place in Illinois that we've fellowshipped before all throughout 2013, and I'm hoping to hitch a ride with someone and go since Mark is not able to cause he'll get home too late with work the next day. I know I'll be missing nursing home again, so idk. We'll see. I haven't gone the last few times they've gone down there, and it's always a super fun time when you go.

Goals for 2014

I think 2014 I can really focus on achieving my goals because 2013 was all about the house and getting rid of it, moving forward from it, settling in a new location, settling samuel in school, etc. 2014 I can actually focus on individual goals since things are quieted down and more settled.


Samuel ;
- Get more serious with his reading, I feel like we don't sit down for 10 minutes enough days of the week and just go through and let him read things back to me.
- I know he knows how to write his letters and things, now it's getting him to write actual words with those letters so the teacher doesn't have to write the interpretation the whole year..haha. He knows how to write out some words now, but i'd like to improve that before the end of the school year.
- Sign him up for a couple activities throughout the 2014 yr since we now live in the city of the rec department that I like, so I can get the discounted price. Haha.

Husband and Wife ;
- My husband and I have decided to take trying for baby #2 a little more serious this year. Hopefully 2014 will be the year we finally become pregnant with baby #2.

- We'll also be focusing on paying off more debt this year. We don't have much left, besides our vehicle, but the other little debts we wanna get rid of this year. About $4,000 worth. I know at tax time we'll get a good chunk of that knocked off.

- Go out on dates once a month at least. Even if I gotta plan the night in. Haha. We've gone on dates in 2013, in fact we'll be going on one later today (movie with a gift card hubby got me for christmas), but I wanna make sure we're getting at least one in a month, even if it's just something simple in the house.

Mark ;
- I wanna get better at making his lunches for work and with those lunches I wanna print out some of the love notes and just put little love notes in his stuff. Cute stuff like that. :)
- Get better at ironing his clothes, I hate ironing (he usually ends up doing it and then I feel bad)..I will avoid it with a passion, but I wanna make sure I come up in that area this year..haha.

Family in General ; Stay in contact better with everyone. I think I'm gonna create a newsletter of updates of our family (mark, Samuel, and I) and send them out in 2014.

- Get consistent at working out again (I was moaping for while that we weren't members at the WAC anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't work out at home..haha..hopefully we'll get to become members of that again in 2014, we'll see..that's really hoping there..haha)
- get consistent with the weight loss pills that my grandma got me

- I did have reading time, but not in an order that i'd like, so get that together in 2014
- Have more personal prayer time (there is no excuse with me being home during the day and my son at school and hubby at work that I can't accomplish this!)
- use my spiritual blog a little more

- I need to get a few more items that I hope to get in January and then I can start working on some bracelets to sell those in my online boutique in 2014.
- I hope my start show for partylite in January goes well and then I will start to sell partylite and hoping that takes off in 2014
- Have all homemade cleaners by the spring. Since I started using natural cleaners with Melaluca, but not with them anymore, I still don't wanna go back to old chemical way, when my products run hoping to have a few general cleaners made up before these products run out. Still got a bit left.
- Use my home management binder a bit more in 2014.
- Create a financial binder.
- Hoping I can produce some kind of income, still being at home, in 2014.
- Our family will be making the memory jar for 2014. I'll do that later today or tomorrow before the new year comes.
- I have not been able to complete the 365 picture project the last two years, I'm hoping to accomplish this in 2014!! 3rd times a charm, right?!?

So those are some of my goals for 2014 to make 2014 the year of progress, etc. I'm sure I'll add more later, but that's it for now! Let me know what goals you have set for 2014!

December 27, 2013

To-Do List *December 27th, 2013*

- Dishes
- Misc Pick up
- Putting clothes away

Weekend Plans

Friday ; Worship Service in the evening.

Saturday ; Nothing planned. Just probably lounge around at home. Mark and Samuel will probably fight over the game system...haha.

Sunday ; Church and then home.

Quiet weekend this weekend.

December 26, 2013

To-do List *December 26th, 2013*

- Dishes <--mostly done
- Garbage <-- done
- Misc Pick-up
- Put clean clothes away
- Grocery shop later tonight at Aldi's. <--- done

That is basically all that is going down today. Lots of garbage and putting clothes away, and definite grocery shopping for some items. Starting to feel like my normal self again (for real this time, since i've been on my medication), so yay! :)

update ; I procrastinated a little bit today. I'll deal with what I didn't finish today, on friday.

Merry Christmas!

(Mark's gag gift, cause i've been sick with pneumonia, but then he pulled out my breadmaker and a date night package in the popcorn container.) :)

Some picture from over the week! Even though I've been sick with pneumonia, still had a really nice christmas! :)

December 18, 2013

To-Do List * December 18, 2013 *

Okay, so I've terribly sick with the flu the past two days, plus we've done a lot of running around a few days prior to so I have a lot of cleaning to do. It's almost like I just need to pick two rooms and focus on those two cause everything also needs to sanitized since Samuel was sick with the flu too sunday - monday.

The bathroom ;
Dirty clothes where they belong

Kitchen ;
Sweep & Mop Floor

Living room ;
just need to pick up dirty blankets, etc that are all over the living room

That's everything I'm gonna try and get to today. Plus Samuel and I have to work on some homework. tonight that we've been missing out on the past couple days cause I've been sick.

December 16, 2013

To-do list *December 16th, 2013*

Samuel stayed home this morning. We're complaining about our ear hurting, so if it still hurts this afternoon, I'll be spending my evening at the walk-in center. I'm not feeling the greatest myself. Don't know how much I'll get done. What I would like to get done:

- Dishes
- Clean out the bathroom (tub, toilet, sink, floor)
- Start on Samuel's Room
- Misc pick-up inbetween Samuel's room

Now how much of this I will actually get done with Samuel and I not feeling well, is uncertain..haha. Hopefully I can still accomplish most of it all by the end of the evening. I have to at least get Samuel's clothes ready in the dirty bag and his bed sheets, so that that stuff can get washed later this evening.

December 15, 2013

Weekly plans for 12/16 - 12/22

Sunday actually ended up just being church and then we went home to watch the exciting packer game!! Yay! Go packers, y'all can do it!! :D
We also took a nap and lounged around and coughed a lot...and one of us threw up a little..and yeah cause we got colds in this house right now. Yay... Hoping Samuel will be able to make it to school tomorrow (he was the one throwing up and having the fevers..children's medicine was helping it go down, but without it he was burnin up..we'll see in the morning). I'd like him to go the full week cause I already have to pull him a half a day on friday with him going up north this weekend with my in-laws since christmas vacation for Samuel don't start until the 20th (when they leave).

Couple pictures from today. Haha. :)

Monday ; Rest and clean up from not being home much the past few days! My place is a mess! I need to do Samuel's sheets and clothes in the wash and towels. Mark is coming home after work instead of doing a business floor (he'll do it tuesday) cause I need him to clean off Samuel's bed from him throwing up on it. Lovely, I know. 

Tuesday ; Just more cleaning up. TV shows later. 

Wednesday ; Not sure if we'll be at bible study. Mark might service another floor in the evening. 

Thursday ; Get Samuel's outfits packed for up north. 

Friday ; Pick up Samuel around lunch time and get him to Grandma Kim's before they leave for the weekend for Minocqua, WI to see Great-Grandma Carol. Mark and I will have worship service at church in the evening. 

Saturday ; Shopping, Shopping, and more Christmas present shopping..and wrapping..and last minute christmas items. 

Sunday ; Church and I don't know exactly when Samuel is coming back. By monday afternoon I believe at the latest. So I don't know what Mark and I will have time for after church on sunday. 

Weekend Plans

Okay, so Mark surprised me early on friday that he was able to get off at 9am as he walked in the door and scared the crap out of me. Haha. :P
We went and browsed the mall for a little bit and got our flat tire taken care of to a place near there (never again, they were ridiculous, not in price, but in their organization, their customer service, was awful <-- Sears Auto Center, Ugh. Now all a sudden since we went to them our right side headlight is out..when it was working perfectly fine before then). Anyway, after that we went to my son's winter sing! :D
So many people were there, but it was so cute!

Then we had friday night service, which was nice to go to since we haven't been there since that sunday. 

Saturday ; I went to a partylite regional meeting with my SIL and had a nice time there. (I'm in the purple on the far right) 

Then we went shopping at the mall a little bit. 

Sunday ; Today is church and then later we're gonna check out cathedrial park in milwaukee for the christmas lights and then we're gonna start going through my son's room (since it's the only room that's a huge mess..oi vey). That's the agenda for the weekend!!

December 13, 2013

To-Do List * December 13th, 2013 *

Today is:

- dishes
- make beds
- sweep & mop kitchen floor
- clean out bathroom (tub, mirror, sink)
- Samuel's Winter Sing at 2pm!! :D

December 12, 2013

To-Do List * December 12th, 2013 *

Whatever I didn't get to will have to wait another day. Today I'm taking my mother to her carpel tunnel surgery shortly, and I don't know how long I"ll be there. Then I have to pick Samuel up from school and then an hour or so after that I have to go back to his school for conferences.

So that's the agenda for the day! I wanna try and purge Samuel's room before he leaves for up north next weekend and have him help me. Wish me luck with that! haha. <3

December 11, 2013

To-do List * December 11th, 2013*

- Dishes <-- done
- Wipe off wood furniture
- Clean mirrors
- Organize hallway closet (I really do need to get at least to this today, a start on it, because I've got candle stuff falling out all over the place in there from things not having a place..haha.)
- Get Samuel's stuff ready to sleep over by grandma's for a day (I need his aunt's help on taking him to school the next morning cause of my mom's carpel tunnel surgery) <-- done

Ps, I don't wanna walk out into the freeze box today!! Ugh.

December 10, 2013

To-Do List *December 10th, 2013*

 - Dishes <- done
 - Finish putting away the clothes <-- done
 - Clear off Kitchen Table<-- done
 - Clear off and wipe down kitchen counters <-- done (and I cleaned off the outside of the kitchen cabinets)
 - Vacuum <-- done
 - look for a hair cut and color idea
 - Make dinner <-- This is dinner ; Italian Herb Pork Chops. I'm gonna copy the same thing and put them over mashed potatoes when they are done.
 - Make beds <-- Just have Sammy's, but otherwise, done.
 - Watch NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles later. :)

Not all in that order..haha.

December 9, 2013

To-Do List *December 9th, 2013*

- Dishes (couple loads worth) <-- done
- Putting 4 loads of clean clothes away <-- halfway done
- Misc Pick up
- Two people are suppose to come through and pick up some freebie items for them, we'll see. <-- one came through, the other never got back to me with a time..

Hopefully my partylite order gets delivered today, all of it. :D <-- (yeah...I'm sad..hopefully it comes Tuesday cause it said it was on the road to delivery today..but I understand it just recently snowed, so it might be a little bit behind). Never came. :/
I have to get a hold of some snow boots for Samuel tonight too, plus pick up my free fleece blanket at kmart. :) <-- Got them!! Love the fleece blanket! So soft and pretty nice sized! Samuel wasn't amused with the angry bird boots..but who knew the whole city would be out of size 1 snow boots for boys?!? Went to two payless stores, kohls (they had a pair, but it was $60 and we were like uh,, target ( they were completely sold out), walmart (they had them, but not his size), sears (didn't find any? Idk, we were sidetracked there with mark looking at pea coat's). Finally found them for like $25 at Kmart (much better than $60. :P)

December 8, 2013

Plans for the week 12/9 - 12/15

Okay, so we kind of got some money a little earlier than we thought over the weekend and so we went and got some Christmas decorations and put them up.

Monday ; Cleaning from the weekend mess, got dishes and 4 loads of clean laundry to put away, plus I have to clean off the kitchen counters. I have a couple people coming to pick up some freebies that I'm giving away too. Plus my partylite order should be coming in monday!! Woo-hoo!!

Tuesday ; Misc Cleaning, Tv shows later. 

Wednesday ; Depending on if Mark is working later that night, we may or may not go to bible study. Last week we missed cause Mark had to stay for work later for inventory week at his job. 

Thursday ; Not sure yet. 

Friday ; Samuel has a christmas music program in the afternoon at school that i'm hoping Mark can take a flex day of work for so he can come too. Church in the evening.

Saturday ; From at least 9-2pm I'll be at a partylite conference thing with my SIL, Cassie. Then Not sure. 

Sunday ; Church and nursing home. 

December 7, 2013

Weekend Plans :)

Okay...I admit it..I didn't do a darn thing yesterday except make the beds...haha.

Today I'm going over to my mom's to do a few loads of wash and then I'm there to meet up with my aunt debbie and my grandma jackie so my grandma can see Samuel. Like I think i've said before, they would meet over by me, but I've got too many stairs for my grandma to walk up to. Then I'm doing a little grocery shopping.

Sunday ; Church and then a little bit more grocery shopping and then Idk what else we're doing. We're kind of tight money wise until next week to do things.

Friday, we had a pizza and movie night and craft night since daddy had to work late at work..that's what Samuel and I did. :)

December 6, 2013

To-Do * December 6th, 2013 *

- Dishes
- Vacuum
- Clean outside kitchen cabinets off
- Clean outside fridge off
- Sweep in the kitchen
- Make beds
- Finish Menu Planning
- Organize movies (just make it look neater, right now everything is scattered like a hot mess in my entertainment center).

December 5, 2013

To-Do *December 5th, 2013*

- Dishes <-- done
- Clean Bathroom Sink <-- done
- Clean Tub <-- done
- Clean Mirrors <-- done
- Dust <-- done
- Clean top of Microwave
- Make beds <-- done
- Finish Menu Planning

December 4, 2013

To-Do List *December 4th, 2013*

- Dishes <-- done
- Misc Pick up <-- done
- Sit with Samuel in his room and help him clean it <-- done
- Plan my grocery shopping list <-- somewhat done. Still working on it.
- Work with Samuel on his homework. <-- done

December 3, 2013

To Do List * December 3rd, 2013 *

- Dishes (ran out of dish soap until hubby brought some home last night) <-- they were done, till I cleaned out the fridge, so now I have to do those and then the dishes are completely done.
- Organize end table in living room (never got to it cause my mom called a little earlier than expected to pick me up so I could do Sam's wash) <-- done!
- Clean out the fridge <-- done
- Hopefully start workin on my school stuff!!

Plus I finally organized the junk drawer and cleaned that out and I'm putting Samuel's clean clothes away that got washed last night.

December 2, 2013

To-Do List *December 2nd, 2013*

- Dishes
- Vacuum
- Pick up clean clothes and put them away, mainly my stuff and some towels. --> done
- Wipe down kitchen counters --> done
- Organize the end table in the living room (never got to that last time I typed it out before's like unorganizingly overflowing with stuff that just needs to be straightened out.
- Sammy's wash later -->done

Might be it, cause we had a pretty busy last 4 arthritis is kind of hurtin me a little bit today too.

Plans for the Week 12/2 - 12/8

Monday: I gotta get some laundry done today specifically sammy's stuff either at my mom's or downstairs today, we'll see..but that'll be this evening. Today is just cleaning from over the weekend. Work on some school. 

Tuesday: Closing on the partylite party so any last minute orders, need to get in by tuesday! (host Melissa Pflugradt). TV shows later in the evening. Cleaning too. 

Wednesday: Bible study in the evening. Cleaning, School work. 

Thursday: Not sure, besides cleaning and school work

Friday: Worship service in the evening. Cleaning and school work. 

Saturday: Grocery shopping, some laundry probably, take samuel to the library? We'll see with that .Oh, I forgot besides that I'll be meeting up with my aunt debbie and grandma jackie for her to see Sammy and us. Almost probably library on sunday then?

Sunday: Church and then not sure. 

Quiet week this week. I'll be working on my school too this week since Samuel went back to school this morning (with quite the attitude, if I may add, sheesh). 

December 1, 2013

To-do List * December 1st, 2013 *

- Church -->done
- Nursing Home --> done
- thanksgiving at my father-in-law's place --> done

Hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving weekend!! We had a busy, but fun week! :)
Samuel goes back to school on Monday, so back to the daily grind of things again tomorrow!!