December 30, 2013

Goals for 2014

I think 2014 I can really focus on achieving my goals because 2013 was all about the house and getting rid of it, moving forward from it, settling in a new location, settling samuel in school, etc. 2014 I can actually focus on individual goals since things are quieted down and more settled.


Samuel ;
- Get more serious with his reading, I feel like we don't sit down for 10 minutes enough days of the week and just go through and let him read things back to me.
- I know he knows how to write his letters and things, now it's getting him to write actual words with those letters so the teacher doesn't have to write the interpretation the whole year..haha. He knows how to write out some words now, but i'd like to improve that before the end of the school year.
- Sign him up for a couple activities throughout the 2014 yr since we now live in the city of the rec department that I like, so I can get the discounted price. Haha.

Husband and Wife ;
- My husband and I have decided to take trying for baby #2 a little more serious this year. Hopefully 2014 will be the year we finally become pregnant with baby #2.

- We'll also be focusing on paying off more debt this year. We don't have much left, besides our vehicle, but the other little debts we wanna get rid of this year. About $4,000 worth. I know at tax time we'll get a good chunk of that knocked off.

- Go out on dates once a month at least. Even if I gotta plan the night in. Haha. We've gone on dates in 2013, in fact we'll be going on one later today (movie with a gift card hubby got me for christmas), but I wanna make sure we're getting at least one in a month, even if it's just something simple in the house.

Mark ;
- I wanna get better at making his lunches for work and with those lunches I wanna print out some of the love notes and just put little love notes in his stuff. Cute stuff like that. :)
- Get better at ironing his clothes, I hate ironing (he usually ends up doing it and then I feel bad)..I will avoid it with a passion, but I wanna make sure I come up in that area this year..haha.

Family in General ; Stay in contact better with everyone. I think I'm gonna create a newsletter of updates of our family (mark, Samuel, and I) and send them out in 2014.

- Get consistent at working out again (I was moaping for while that we weren't members at the WAC anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't work out at home..haha..hopefully we'll get to become members of that again in 2014, we'll see..that's really hoping there..haha)
- get consistent with the weight loss pills that my grandma got me

- I did have reading time, but not in an order that i'd like, so get that together in 2014
- Have more personal prayer time (there is no excuse with me being home during the day and my son at school and hubby at work that I can't accomplish this!)
- use my spiritual blog a little more

- I need to get a few more items that I hope to get in January and then I can start working on some bracelets to sell those in my online boutique in 2014.
- I hope my start show for partylite in January goes well and then I will start to sell partylite and hoping that takes off in 2014
- Have all homemade cleaners by the spring. Since I started using natural cleaners with Melaluca, but not with them anymore, I still don't wanna go back to old chemical way, when my products run hoping to have a few general cleaners made up before these products run out. Still got a bit left.
- Use my home management binder a bit more in 2014.
- Create a financial binder.
- Hoping I can produce some kind of income, still being at home, in 2014.
- Our family will be making the memory jar for 2014. I'll do that later today or tomorrow before the new year comes.
- I have not been able to complete the 365 picture project the last two years, I'm hoping to accomplish this in 2014!! 3rd times a charm, right?!?

So those are some of my goals for 2014 to make 2014 the year of progress, etc. I'm sure I'll add more later, but that's it for now! Let me know what goals you have set for 2014!

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