January 14, 2014

To-Do List *January 14th, 2014*

- Dishes ( Mark picked me up later than I thought he  would last night and so I didn't get to do them. All I was able to do was laundry yesterday) <-- done
- Take tree stuff down (Mark finally brought the boxes and stuff for that up here!) <-- took most of it down, all that has to be done is Mark pulling the tree apart and fitting back in the box to take it downstairs then I can vacuum up the fake snow off the living room that will cover it when we do that
- Put the loads of laundry that I did yesterday, away today. <-- done
- Start on going through all our papers to look for business receipts, etc..since it's time to get ready for taxes. We're not gonna finish this tonight, but we'll at least start on it. <-- Mark brought it up late tonight, so I'll start going through it tomorrow, but at least it's up here from the basement (the bin of misc papers that I need to go through).

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