September 28, 2012

Isla by Julep

It's only a little chipped on my one finger cause it's been a while and I just forgot to grab my camera to take a picture to post! This is the Isla color from Julep. If you're interested in Julep click here . I think if you type in the code word PENNY you can still get your first box for a 1 cent! How cool is that to start off?!? Plus every 2 referrals you get you get a free box who uses your referral link. ( Please use the link if you go there! ) Oh and what I really like about this program is if you can't afford a month, you can skip it and still be on their program!! <3<3
That Isla color was from the BOHO box. 

September 19, 2012

My Bath and Body Work Candles!

Pretty excited my bath and body work's order came in the mail today!! They gave me a couple coupons with it too. I'm happy with the how both of them smell (didn't smell them in the store, just went off on how other people said they smelled good on youtube and winged it. lol). Leaves actually isn't too bad. I was worried about that one. So yay! I got fall candles! :)

September 17, 2012

Dragonfly Buddy

My little friend my son made in Sunday School at church yesterday. :)
Sammy said it looks good sitting there. haha. :)

September 16, 2012

Nirvana ~ Nail Color

Painted my nails tonight in the Sinful Colors Collection with the color Nirvana. I like it so far. I think it's great for fall time! These are only $1.98 at Pick 'N Save's in Milwaukee, WI. 

September 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

We started homeschooling over here on Monday (was waiting for some things in the mail last week). Today we're doing the Astronaut Preschool Pack.. 

September 8, 2012

Library Haul

Okay, so I finished with the other two books that rented from the library earlier this week and then picked these up on Thursday. I'm already finished with the Sarah Dessen book, Lock and Key. I enjoyed that book. It was my first one by Sarah Dessen and I got pretty involved in with the characters..almost like watching movie. I'd read another one of her books, since she seems like a pretty popular author. The second one, Total Waste of Makeup, haven't gotten to that one yet. Like I said, I just got these Thursday. Haha. Already almost ready for the next set of books. :O
I did enjoy the Lock and Key though and reading about Cora, Ruby, Nate, Jamie, etc. Made you think about somethings after the book was done. 
An update from this  library haul . I read the Chocolate Lovers' Club. I dunno. I give that a 3.5 out of 5. It took a few chapters for the story to get really interesting and then when it did I guess it's because I'm not a fan on how the author ended the book. I guess I was looking for more of an ending. Like how some movies do a 2 years later progress or whatever at the end of the credits sometimes? I guess I was looking for something like that and i didn't get it. The story itself kept me entertained, unable to put it down, but the ending was unsatisfying for me! I would still recommend that book though if you're looking for a light hearted read. 

September 4, 2012

~ Labor Day ~ Wordless Wednesday!

Candy we got from the Old Milwaukee Store in one of the museum area's. :)

Daddy had off Labor Day and we decided to go to the Milwaukee Public Museum and it was Samuel's first time being there and he had his first imax experience. :)

September 1, 2012

August Julep Boho Box!

This is my second julep box and over all I'm pretty happy with this subscription company. I love how you can get your first box for a $.01 and then have the option to skip a month yet still be on their list if you can't do it one month. I wish I would've been able to do September!! Hopefully October!  Use this link --> Julep  <-- if you are interested in signing up! I believe their code word is still PENNY. 

Someone on youtube made a suggestion with the nail polish remover holder that you got in the box. Once you use theirs you can always replace yours that you normally buy back in that thing so that you consistently are re-using it! Also it locks! When you twist it one way, it keeps the remover from spilling and then twist it the opposite way when you hear the click noise, it will keep the remover inside and won't make a mess! <3 that thing! I don't have to tip it forward at all to get the remover out!