September 8, 2012

Library Haul

Okay, so I finished with the other two books that rented from the library earlier this week and then picked these up on Thursday. I'm already finished with the Sarah Dessen book, Lock and Key. I enjoyed that book. It was my first one by Sarah Dessen and I got pretty involved in with the characters..almost like watching movie. I'd read another one of her books, since she seems like a pretty popular author. The second one, Total Waste of Makeup, haven't gotten to that one yet. Like I said, I just got these Thursday. Haha. Already almost ready for the next set of books. :O
I did enjoy the Lock and Key though and reading about Cora, Ruby, Nate, Jamie, etc. Made you think about somethings after the book was done. 
An update from this  library haul . I read the Chocolate Lovers' Club. I dunno. I give that a 3.5 out of 5. It took a few chapters for the story to get really interesting and then when it did I guess it's because I'm not a fan on how the author ended the book. I guess I was looking for more of an ending. Like how some movies do a 2 years later progress or whatever at the end of the credits sometimes? I guess I was looking for something like that and i didn't get it. The story itself kept me entertained, unable to put it down, but the ending was unsatisfying for me! I would still recommend that book though if you're looking for a light hearted read. 

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