December 30, 2013

Plans for the week 12/30/13 to 1/5/14

Monday ; Later tonight we'll be going out to a movie with a gift card that hubby bought for me for christmas. We'll be seeing Catching Fire. (Yay!)

Tuesday ; I'll be going to my mom's to do some wash a little bit during the day and then later in the evening we'll be at church for our new years eve countdown!!

Wednesday ; The plan is we'll be having our last christmas gathering at my in-laws..cause Cassie and Nick are suppose to be back by here. Idk...we'll see where that goes. Definitely will be working on the past homework with Samuel that I couldn't help him with the week I was really sick before his break.

Thursday ; Samuel goes back to school, Mark goes back to work, and I get the place to myself again! lol. I'll probably clean and read some of my new book I got over christmas.

Friday ; Worship service in the evening.

Saturday ; Idk what the plan is. We'll see how much money we have on friday.

Sunday ; Church and then our pastor got asked to kick off a service for another place in Illinois that we've fellowshipped before all throughout 2013, and I'm hoping to hitch a ride with someone and go since Mark is not able to cause he'll get home too late with work the next day. I know I'll be missing nursing home again, so idk. We'll see. I haven't gone the last few times they've gone down there, and it's always a super fun time when you go.

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