December 8, 2013

Plans for the week 12/9 - 12/15

Okay, so we kind of got some money a little earlier than we thought over the weekend and so we went and got some Christmas decorations and put them up.

Monday ; Cleaning from the weekend mess, got dishes and 4 loads of clean laundry to put away, plus I have to clean off the kitchen counters. I have a couple people coming to pick up some freebies that I'm giving away too. Plus my partylite order should be coming in monday!! Woo-hoo!!

Tuesday ; Misc Cleaning, Tv shows later. 

Wednesday ; Depending on if Mark is working later that night, we may or may not go to bible study. Last week we missed cause Mark had to stay for work later for inventory week at his job. 

Thursday ; Not sure yet. 

Friday ; Samuel has a christmas music program in the afternoon at school that i'm hoping Mark can take a flex day of work for so he can come too. Church in the evening.

Saturday ; From at least 9-2pm I'll be at a partylite conference thing with my SIL, Cassie. Then Not sure. 

Sunday ; Church and nursing home. 

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