December 9, 2013

To-Do List *December 9th, 2013*

- Dishes (couple loads worth) <-- done
- Putting 4 loads of clean clothes away <-- halfway done
- Misc Pick up
- Two people are suppose to come through and pick up some freebie items for them, we'll see. <-- one came through, the other never got back to me with a time..

Hopefully my partylite order gets delivered today, all of it. :D <-- (yeah...I'm sad..hopefully it comes Tuesday cause it said it was on the road to delivery today..but I understand it just recently snowed, so it might be a little bit behind). Never came. :/
I have to get a hold of some snow boots for Samuel tonight too, plus pick up my free fleece blanket at kmart. :) <-- Got them!! Love the fleece blanket! So soft and pretty nice sized! Samuel wasn't amused with the angry bird boots..but who knew the whole city would be out of size 1 snow boots for boys?!? Went to two payless stores, kohls (they had a pair, but it was $60 and we were like uh,, target ( they were completely sold out), walmart (they had them, but not his size), sears (didn't find any? Idk, we were sidetracked there with mark looking at pea coat's). Finally found them for like $25 at Kmart (much better than $60. :P)

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