December 15, 2013

Weekly plans for 12/16 - 12/22

Sunday actually ended up just being church and then we went home to watch the exciting packer game!! Yay! Go packers, y'all can do it!! :D
We also took a nap and lounged around and coughed a lot...and one of us threw up a little..and yeah cause we got colds in this house right now. Yay... Hoping Samuel will be able to make it to school tomorrow (he was the one throwing up and having the fevers..children's medicine was helping it go down, but without it he was burnin up..we'll see in the morning). I'd like him to go the full week cause I already have to pull him a half a day on friday with him going up north this weekend with my in-laws since christmas vacation for Samuel don't start until the 20th (when they leave).

Couple pictures from today. Haha. :)

Monday ; Rest and clean up from not being home much the past few days! My place is a mess! I need to do Samuel's sheets and clothes in the wash and towels. Mark is coming home after work instead of doing a business floor (he'll do it tuesday) cause I need him to clean off Samuel's bed from him throwing up on it. Lovely, I know. 

Tuesday ; Just more cleaning up. TV shows later. 

Wednesday ; Not sure if we'll be at bible study. Mark might service another floor in the evening. 

Thursday ; Get Samuel's outfits packed for up north. 

Friday ; Pick up Samuel around lunch time and get him to Grandma Kim's before they leave for the weekend for Minocqua, WI to see Great-Grandma Carol. Mark and I will have worship service at church in the evening. 

Saturday ; Shopping, Shopping, and more Christmas present shopping..and wrapping..and last minute christmas items. 

Sunday ; Church and I don't know exactly when Samuel is coming back. By monday afternoon I believe at the latest. So I don't know what Mark and I will have time for after church on sunday. 

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