December 16, 2013

To-do list *December 16th, 2013*

Samuel stayed home this morning. We're complaining about our ear hurting, so if it still hurts this afternoon, I'll be spending my evening at the walk-in center. I'm not feeling the greatest myself. Don't know how much I'll get done. What I would like to get done:

- Dishes
- Clean out the bathroom (tub, toilet, sink, floor)
- Start on Samuel's Room
- Misc pick-up inbetween Samuel's room

Now how much of this I will actually get done with Samuel and I not feeling well, is uncertain..haha. Hopefully I can still accomplish most of it all by the end of the evening. I have to at least get Samuel's clothes ready in the dirty bag and his bed sheets, so that that stuff can get washed later this evening.

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