December 15, 2013

Weekend Plans

Okay, so Mark surprised me early on friday that he was able to get off at 9am as he walked in the door and scared the crap out of me. Haha. :P
We went and browsed the mall for a little bit and got our flat tire taken care of to a place near there (never again, they were ridiculous, not in price, but in their organization, their customer service, was awful <-- Sears Auto Center, Ugh. Now all a sudden since we went to them our right side headlight is out..when it was working perfectly fine before then). Anyway, after that we went to my son's winter sing! :D
So many people were there, but it was so cute!

Then we had friday night service, which was nice to go to since we haven't been there since that sunday. 

Saturday ; I went to a partylite regional meeting with my SIL and had a nice time there. (I'm in the purple on the far right) 

Then we went shopping at the mall a little bit. 

Sunday ; Today is church and then later we're gonna check out cathedrial park in milwaukee for the christmas lights and then we're gonna start going through my son's room (since it's the only room that's a huge mess..oi vey). That's the agenda for the weekend!!

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