November 29, 2013

To-Do List [.:November 29th, 2013:.]

Today's To-do List

- Dishes <-- done
- Make Turkey (we're having our thanksgiving this weekend, well today, since yesterday we had ours at the church and my mother's). <--almost done.
- Make Green Bean Casserole <-- done
- Heat up Pumpkin Pie <-- will do a little bit before we eat
- pick up bathroom floor <-- done
- make beds <-- ours is done, Sammy is delaying the cleaning of his room at the moment by napping.. o.O
- misc pick-up around the place.<-- pretty much done.

time started; 9:30am
time updated ; 1:32pm

In photo L to R: Me, my sister, my brother, and my husband. 

Hope you all had a great thanksgiving!! :)

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