January 2, 2014

To-Do List *January 2nd, 2014*

- Dishes <-- done
- Clean off kitchen counters <-- done
- Sweep and Mop Kitchen Floor
- Clean Mirrors <-- done
- Put 3 loads of clean laundry away <-- done
- Switch out the garbage <--- done
- Paint my nails

That may be it cause I'll most likely be taking a nap sometime in the day since I've been up half the night tossing and turning..then hearing my husband's alarm go off like 3-4 times before he got up for work..lol. Yeah..

I guess I may start on my grocery list of stuff I need to get over the weekend when I go grocery shopping too.

update ; Didn't get to the grocery list or painting my nails or mopping the kitchen floor..I didn't sleep well (I was up from 2am till 9am..just couldn't sleep..) and took a long nap today, but got mostly everything else that needed to get done done. I vacuumed the living room floor too. Dinner is Fish Sticks. :)

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