January 12, 2014

Weekly Plans 1/13/14 - 1/19/14

Monday ; Wash, wash, wash! Samuel has off of school (Teacher Development Day). I'm gonna bring some crayons, and maybe we'll cut up a couple snowflakes while I'm waiting between loads. I'll be at my mom's most of the day using her washer and dryer while everyone is gone. I gotta pick her up from work later.

Tuesday ; TV shows in the evening (maybe? I know NCIS is on, not sure about the other one). Cleaning. Samuel goes back to school. Just cleaning.

Wednesday ; Not sure..probably bible study if Mark isn't working on a floor at work. Cleaning.

Thursday ; Choir practice in the evening. Cleaning. Making a grocery list.

Friday ; Worship service in the evening.

Saturday ; Partylite Party in the afternoon.

Sunday ; Church, nursing home, and then a very belated christmas party (but there's really no gifts involved. It's just a family gathering) with a part of my side of the family.

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