January 5, 2014

Weekly Plans 1/6/14 - 1/12/14

Monday ; Just cleaning and hibernating inside. Since actual temps are suppose to be -20 plus windchills to be to -50...5 to 10 minutes outside and you could get frostbite. Schools are shut down. If the car doesn't start, Mark will use an emergency time off option.

Tuesday ; If they have school..Samuel will have a ride, since it'll be cold, but not as cold as Monday, but still too cold to make him walk. Cleaning.

Wednesday ; Cleaning..not sure. Depending on what kind of work with the business my husband will have if we're going to bible study or not.

Thursday ; Cleaning. Home.

Friday ; Cleaning. Worship Service in the evening.

Saturday ; Not sure.

Sunday ; Church and not sure.

Open and unplanned week this week. Ooo.
Probably will do wash sometime this week at my mom's and we'll see if we'll get to use our Buffalo Wild Wings gift card this week. Depends on how busy our business is. May have to shoot for the following week with that.

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