February 17, 2014

To-Do LIst ~*February 17th, 2014*~

I don't know what I'm all gonna get done today, cause I have a head cold. I feel ucky. Samuel is still with his auntie (he had a sleepover last night cause they are off of school today). 

Try to get done list today : 

~ Dishes
~ Put away some clean clothes 
~ Dinner - Cheeseburgers and Corn
~ Straighten out the bathroom
~ Change the flower water from my flowers I got for V-day

and that's pretty much it..I have to wash the bed sheets so thats why there is no make the beds. Vacuumed yesterday, so the floors are pretty good still. All that's left is some cluttered areas, but I don't feel like working on those today. We went to the library yesterday and got some books. I'll probably do a haul picture of my stuff. We're suppose to get up to 7" of snow today, possibly more.. Bleh. I'm so done with winter this year!! I am one of those people that is countin down to spring. lol. At least it's above zero..I'll give the weather that..

A picture of the stuff hubby got me for v-day. :)
and what hubby got himself for v-day...

Sorry. The lighting sucks in our place, but it's a 120th Anniversary edition of the Gibson Les Paul guitar and a fender amp. :)

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