January 6, 2014

To-Do List *January 6th, 2014*

- Couple load of dishes from over the weekend <-- done (but now I have a load and a half of dishes from making a couple different dinners tonight and a dessert..oh well. o.O)
- Clean out the junk drawer
- Minimize the clutter a little bit in a corner part of our bedroom

Idk, those last two are kind of a lot and I'm startin late today..haha. If I feel like it and have enough time before hubby gets home, I'll start picking a spot in the hallway closet to organize.
Ham is unthawing, but if it doesn't unthaw and cook in time, I'll just throw a pizza in and we'll have the ham tomorrow.


Yeah, that's about all i've done today is the dishes and cooked! Sammy manages to get off of school again with this cold cold weather we're having. Hopefully I'll get to doing more stuff, but we're planning on doin arts and crafts, etc tomorrow.

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