January 8, 2014

To-Do List *January 8th, 2014*

Okay, so yesterday (well, last night into the day) I got into a really good book and then finished (A Hidden Fire by Elizabeth Hunter..you're welcome :P)..soo yeah..I didn't do much. Hubby and I went out on a date to Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum! I got a new bible too. Excited! :)

Today ;

- clean out that junk drawer!! (Seriously, it's getting ridiculous...like I can barely shut it without stuff peeping through the drawer ridiculous) <-- done!! Looks so much better.
- Find my camera cord that connects my camera to the computer to upload photos. I've been doing the 365 photo thing (only missed 1 day and that was the 1st)..and I haven't been able to upload cause I'm not quite sure where the cord is. So I wanna look for that..
- Catch up on NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles (haha, we were out last night so I missed watching them)
- Dishes <-- done
- Vacuum living room <-- done
- Clean off kitchen counters <-- done

Bible study is later tonight. First time in about a month cause of hubby's work schedule.. o.O

update ; mostly everything is done..I just need to go through the coupons since that took up a lot of my junk drawer, I may do that when I get back from picking Samuel up from school cause I wanna watch one of the NCIS's right now. I also picked up in the bathroom and wiped down some area's of the wood furniture and cleaned the tv screen. Oh and switched out the garbages.

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