February 3, 2014

To-Do List *February 3rd, 2014*

~ 2 to 3 loads of dishes (our garbage disposal is clogged up and we had to get a tool over the weekend that would help us wash dishes without using that, so I'll be catching up on that..plus I cleaned out the fridge over the weekend) <-- done
~ Putting away the clean clothes from when they got washed at the beginning of the weekend <-- done
~ Clearing the living room floor, couch, and sammy's bed for stuff to finally be cleaned later <-- done
~ Stop through the library and renew our library card <-- done
~ pick up my load of towels that we still need from my mom's <-- done
~ Finish putting groceries away (all the non-cold stuff I left out while we left to hang out at the in-laws for the superbowl, it was crazy busy yesterday! o.O) <-- done
~ Catch up a little bit on my devotion

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