March 11, 2014

To-Do Lists ~*March 11th, 2014*~

Okay, I'm back with the daily, weekend lists, etc. It was a crazy couple of weeks and I was dealing with some major fatigue problems. I went to a women's conference last weekend and here are a couple pictures from there. 

That was an amazing time!! Here's on to today's to-do lists.

~ Clean bathtub <-- done
~ Clean the toilet <--done
~ Organize and wipe down entertainment center <--done
~ Do some of my school (finally got reinstated to finish!!)
~ Vacuum <-- done
~ Make beds <--done
~ Read some of my library books (at least out of the two that have to go back on saturday) <-- done

Plus I took out the garbage and swept & mopped the bathroom floor. 

Dinner ; Lemon Pepper Fish, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

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